Monday 15 January 2018

Renulek Snowflakes

These are the last of the snowflakes I tatted last year.  They are both from the Renulek blog.  The designer Renata Niemczyk also has an Etsy page where she sells tatting patterns.  There is still one more snowflake of her's I just didn't get to yet.  Renata is an excellent designer. 

For the past few years she has given us a Spring Doily to tat along with others. She will post the next round about once a week.  I completed my first doily following her along row by row.  It was not my best work but I learned a lot that year. 


  1. Splendid snowflakes! Yes, Renulek is a very good designer, I enjoyed the doilies I did of hers.

  2. We got some snow today the second little one for the year :) love you snowflakes!

  3. Beautiful tatting and designs - Renulek's patterns are always so superb


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