Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Blizzard of Josephine Rings

Well here is another flake called "Blizzard"  by Harolahlala and the link to the pattern is here or on her facebook page  The Shade Tree Designer Tatting.

I took quite a few liberties with this pattern and made rounds one and two together and I omitted the chain between the center rings. 

As I tatted I found I could not close the smaller Josephine Rings and substituted a small "normal" ring.  You really need to "like" Josephine Rings when doing this pattern.

I used a soft DMC Pearl cotton No. 12 and that may have contributed to my difficulty with the smaller JR's.  Make all picots small, as they are used only for joining in this pattern.  My finished flake is 8.5 cm or 3.25 inches tip to tip.


  1. You could perhaps use Usha's dot picots instead of josephine rings? Pretty effect.

  2. Your snowflake looks pretty. Using a thread that is not very 'twisty' seems to make Josephine rings a bit easier to close. Some threads seem to have more twist in them than others. I've resorted to substituting a small regular ring at times, too. :)


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