Thursday, 25 January 2018


Originally these were  made to wear during the Calgary Stampede but now six months later they have finally come off the shuttles.  I  was  thinking of adding a bead and tried a few things but this is how they ended up.

The pattern was brought to my attention from another tatter and the credit will be given to a group effort led by Louine Teague. My notes say she originally created as a needle pattern.  I think you could add a bead or sequin where the spurs are, I just made a little throw ring.

The thread is a size 40 Lizbeth sample from Shuttlebirds 2017.

BTW Shuttlebirds registration is open and filling up fast. 


  1. This pattern could spur me into action!!! Pretty and a clever design too.

  2. Love this, and super cute, I have some star sequins that would work for spurs💖 🐎💖

  3. They are lovely, just right for the Calgary Stampede


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