Wednesday, 10 January 2018

First Snow

I used Lizbeth  size 20  color 601, the finished flake measures 3.25 inches or 8 cm across.  I used a split ring/chain to climb to the next row.

I originally saw this pattern on Instagram @tattingweed but you can also find it on her blog.

The pattern can be made in a variety of ways, this is the first version.  This pattern is by Ha Mi-Kyeong but you may know her by her book "Tatting lace with your life". I purchased the book at a conference a while back.

The book is in Korean but has excellent pictures and diagrams.  It uses QR codes which you can use with your smart phone to link to tutorials.  Not a book for beginners but beautiful tatting.

I've yet to try one of her patterns in this book.


  1. That's a very interesting snowflake, I like it.

  2. Thanks for the reference your snowflake is lovely too❄💜I just got to figure out how to join these Aisan blogs the work is fascinating 😊


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