Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Hearts Doily Row 3

Don't look too close, I had to repair in two spots as I had extra set of chain stitches in them.  Then there were eight ends to hide.

I went ahead with the rust color and it looks great, I will use yellow for the next two rows and then a row of rust hearts to finish off.

I am also working the Big Monster JS Doily but row 12 has been quite the struggle.  Miscounting and the size 10 tires me out so I make more mistakes.  Seems I go backwards more that frontwards so I have put it aside again.  


  1. Beautiful !
    You know 'forbidden fruìt' - when asked Not to do something, then I Really Must do it . So I peered closely & was very disappointed to not be able to spot Any messiness ;-P
    Looks perfect :-)

  2. Yes! Rust is perfect. Looking great, your mistake well saved.

  3. Looking lovely so far, working up well

  4. Very beautiful color choice and great looking! I too am working on JS doily I put it off lots and I am just now starting 11 so you are ahead of me!

  5. It looks good, nice choice of colors. I'm like muskaan, you said don't so I did, but I didn't see the messiness, either. :-)

  6. Rust is great, lovely doily and me too, I couldn't find where you repaired, you did a great work. I like your idea to put a little more yellow outside, can't wait to see it.


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