Sunday, 13 September 2015

Hearts Doily Rows 4 and 5

It might be hard to see these last two rows, they are full of picots in contrast to the only joining picots in the previous rows.  Next is a band of hearts and then finally a joining round.  I am doing the round of hearts in the rust color.  The doily in Hakelgarn  20 currently measures 11 inches (27 cm).   

I've been busy doing up some gifts and below is one of my favorite snowflakes, It is from Tatting by Penelope Book 3, picture on page 4 and directions on page 14.  I plan to put it on a Thank You Card.  I have actually tatted this once before and in my earnest to tat this I learned to do split chains and my first split ring was done on this pattern. This snowflake is done with a soft embroidery thread measures 4 inches (10 cm), point to point. I made slight modifications from the original pattern.



  1. Wonderful doily!! :) Great snowflake!! :)

  2. Congrats on your split rings now there will be not stopping you. Unless you did this a while back and this is a flash back flake :)

    1. Carollyn, this is just another of the same snowflake that I learned on. Shortly after I learned how to do a split ring I did a tatalong with Jane Eborall and had them mastered by the end of the sailboat in 2014. I really was a leap forward in my tatting.

  3. You're making good progress, the doily looks great. I like the snowflake, haven't seen that one before.

  4. Both the doily and snowflake are looking great!


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