Thursday, 27 August 2015

Leftover Thread in the Shuttle

It started out as just using up the leftover thread from the lanyard project.  Instead of choosing a smaller project this happened. I was able to get more than halfway around before I needed to add thread as I was using the large clover shuttles. 

This is the first two rows of the Heart Doily found here, Frywolitkowa Serwetka Serduszkowa - Tatted Heart Doily by Dorothy Koscielniak.  It is a very striking doily offered up as a tat-along from Land of Laces. You tat the row of hearts separately and use a joining row to attach the hearts to the previous rows of the doily.   I have used Hakelgarn 20 in a navy blue and pale yellow and am trying to decide on  a color for the next row.

So should I stay with these two colors or branch out?  The other Hakelgarn colors I have at hand are light green, bright yellow, beige, peach, rose, rust and red. I am open to suggestions.


  1. I remember now this is going to be very beautiful, I just know it I wanted to make this one too but haven't got around to it. Yours is looking good can't wait to see more colors :)

  2. Nice work, Bernice ! The central hearts row is in my to-tat list for quite a while now - as a coaster.
    I think a 3rd colour will add to the beauty because for next round pale yellow might be too 'laid back' while black will become 'overbearing'. I'm going out on a limb to say try rust - a little unconventional but it might work.

  3. I thought about making this but I did not have time, I still thinking about it, yours is looking lovely

  4. This is really striking. I was thinking rust too. How many more rounds are there?


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