Wednesday, 23 September 2015


Just a sample of some needlecases I have made.  I learned to do these from the book Beaded Needlecases by Jeannie Might.

An Aunt of mine really liked these and her husband was a carpenter so he was able to make me some wooden cases to bead around.  These are the longer needlecases in the picture. The needlecase on the right was made for my mom who loved carousel horses.  I just don't bead as much as I used to. I am slowly incorporating beads into my tatting.


  1. wow love them all and the tiny pictures with beads so cute!

  2. Those are fabulous! I'm tempted to take up beading, but I have too many things on the go already. I admire other beaders' work instead!

  3. Look at those details! The carousel horse is particularly attractive to me as a horse lover, but i am very impressed with the music one and the sewing one as well. Beautiful.

  4. Wow ! Never seen something like this. Great work on the intricate beading pattern !


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