Sunday, 1 February 2015

Trying a new thread....Sulky

As long as I have empty shuttles I like to try something new.  This is Sulky 12 wt. It seems to be thicker than 80 probably closer to some vintage Star 60 I have.  It is strong and just a little tricky to work with (it does not undo well).  It is good practice for picot length and chain control.  No pressure I am only doing this for fun. 

The pattern is Renulek Wiosna 2015  . She puts up a new row to the pattern every day or so. You can tat along or copy the pattern for future use.  There are a few of us over at Craftree who are doing this together.  I have climbed out of row one above with a split ring and on to row two.


  1. That is a beautiful start!!! :)

  2. Pretty colors. I like the subtle tone changes.

  3. Oh I like your thread too very nice colors and I think your thread is even smaller like 100, yours is going to be very lacy. What numbers are you using on your chains on the edge or your monster look like it is working?

    1. Regarding the Monster D. I used 6-6-4 on Row 7 and now am using 9-9-5 on Row 8, the Ring between the clovers is also larger 4 instead of 3. I did have to cut about three clovers off when I started round 8 as the chains were too short.


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