Thursday, 12 February 2015

Daisy Picots

Yes it is another heart and for the record it won't be the last.  It involves using daisy picots and I used the instructions and pattern provided by Jon Yusoff. Daisy picots are those red ones sitting under the long white ones.  Jon provides both written and pictorial explanations; very easy to understand even for the novice tatter.  Read all instructions to the pattern right to the end and you will not be retrotatting at all.  It starts out like a big mess but organizes itself as it goes on.

The beads I used where a bit too heavy and large for this thread but I have a lot of them so no worries. This is a nice small piece to practice when to add beads and how to tat with them.  There are beads on chains, beads on rings and one spot where there are beads on both core and picot thread. 

One of my fellow tatters Claire has been doing a series of hearts "one heart per month for my mom", I thought that was such a lovely idea.  All my hearts will be done for the memory of my mother. So pleased with how this heart finished up I will be doing a few more as this one has already been given away.

Finally here is a peek of what I have in my tatting case today, I also have a few LARGE projects that I do not travel with. I always seem to have too many works in progress, how many WIP do you have at any one time?


  1. Love the heart - very festive too !!! And you have learned so many new techniques in the process. I will put it on my list immediately :-)
    I see some star-shaped flowers in your tatting case that I cannot recognise. What is it - am curious ;-))) Look a bit like Iris Niebach's trials for her new book.

    As for WIPs , well I could count Renulek's Spring Doily 2014 perhaps. Very unlucky with finding the right shades to continue. I might not proceed further in the end. Might as well start a new doily from so many lovely patterns.
    But I do have loads of learning WIPs - small tidbits - my working box is a Mess !
    And also loads I want to, but haven't got around to sharing on the blog.

  2. Oh Muskaan,
    Thank you for the comments and encouragement. The Star shaped flowers are something new I am still working out the stitch counts and final design. I have seen some of Iris's work an it seemed too complex for me.

  3. Lovely heart and you have learned so much from it.well done
    So far I only have two work in progress, my hubby calls them work in progress, they are Renulks mat from a couple of years ago, and her current one which I am doing yet to blog, I started the third row las night, I try to do one thing at a time does not always work, but with the old mat I just got fed up with it, I will finish it i just don't know when.

  4. Lovely heart, well done with the daisy picots, I love that technique. I have always 2 or 3 wip at a time! It's a lot of fun, eventually one even ends!


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