Saturday, 21 February 2015

New Books

I won, I won, I won. These are my new books, the top two I purchased as a treat for myself just before year end and the bottom Rita Weiss I won.  L... over at  found two copies in her library and collected names of people who wanted one and my name was drawn.  

The Rita Weiss book "Traditional Tatting Patterns" contains pre-published works and contains a pattern I was already working on and another Anne Orr I have always wanted to try.

I encourage all tatters to start a library for technique instruction and practice.  The cost of most books are really minimal and they support the artists.  My tatting library grows each year and gives me inspiration be it new or traditional patterns.


  1. Wonderful, congratulations girl :) I love that book It was my very first book and have lost it since but plan to get another soon.

  2. Congratulations - on win And buy :-)
    Hope to see lots of tatting from these :-)


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