Sunday 8 April 2018

Wiosna Row 7

This is the butterfly round and it was not easy. I didn't like how there was a hole in the center of  the butterflies (aka gaposis) Another tatter, Cyn suggested I change the order of the tatting by doing the chain first.  I did this after about halfway round and was able to finish the round and climb to the next.  Yes there were a few rings that had to be undone but I am finally moving on.  

I am using a King Tut quilting thread by Superior Threads color 918.

The current diameter is 5 inches or 12.5 cm.


  1. Your doily looks wonderful. Love the King Tut color you're using. I did the same thing Cyn did - I did the chain first each time I got to a butterfly. I felt more comfortable with the shape of the butterfly doing it that way.

  2. It was not my favorite round either glad you are moving on :)


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