Thursday 26 April 2018

Wild Rose Lacemakers

The Wild Rose (Rosa acicularis) was adopted as the official flower of the province in 1930.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to spend the afternoon with the Wild Rose Lacemakers guild based in Calgary, Alberta Canada.  Although most of the members do bobbin lace a few of them also tat. 

I brought along a variety of tatted items for show and tell.  Janet A. brought out a pattern she was pricking, every now and then she held it up to the light.  She went into detail what she was working on and how it will be done.  She also took out a box of  bobbin lace she had made or was gifted, a variety of pieces, mostly white but some metallics. Two other lacemakers brought out their cushions and I tatted , we all had a cup of tea and chatted the afternoon away.

This is a very  informal group, as Janet had the most books and equipment, they always meet at her place once a month.  Fortunately for me she is only a short walk away.  The group will be doing some lace demonstrations this summer and I have been invited to tag along and demo my tatting. 

I am very thankful to have found a gifted lace group so close to home. 


  1. This is very exciting and so happy you have a group so close by.😀 there are so few of us it dosen't matter what kind you do as long as you make lace. So glad you get to do a demo ❤ congratulations have fun and take pictures to show us😁

    1. I'm thinking of making up a few butterflies to give away at the demo. Looking forward to it.

  2. Oh, wonderful to find a lace-making group nearby! And have the chance in future to put in a word for tatting.


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