Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Heart Earrings

My favorite heart pattern.  I started on the top clover and then down ring and second clover then repeat around.  To finish up I added a SSSR (Single shuttle split ring) and hid both tails in it.  By adding a metal ring before the earring finding there is less wear on the thread as the earring will swing between the metal ring and the earring finding loop. 

The only trick to the pattern is to switch shuttles (to change direction) before the side ring on the way down and then after on the way back up.  Or you might try a SLT (Shoe Lace Trick).

You can easily adjust stitch counts and add beads to personalize the earrings.

Good thing I took this picture as my cousin has laid claim to these. 


  1. They are absolutely beautiful ❤🌹❤

  2. Where can you find the pattern?❤

  3. Very beautiful heart earrings!!! :)

  4. Those are really pretty. Did you stiffen them?

    1. I don't usually stiffen tatting as I like it soft around my ears and neck. I have stiffened snowflakes but have not been happy with the results with Jewelry.

  5. Very pretty ! And great notes


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