Friday, 13 April 2018

Birthday Bookmarks

We were recently invited to a milestone birthday party for a teammate of my husbands.  The invitation said that no gifts were required but cards would be OK. 

I slipped these two bookmarks into a card.

I did manage to add another green crystal to the Flowering Quatrain and a green satin ribbon to the cross bottom before I sealed the envelope but was not able to get a picture of that. 

I've done the Flowering Quatrain before here , this one was done in a Lizbeth 20 Sea Green Lt. No 686 and the cross in some  Omega  threads.

The cross is from Jan Stawasz Tatted Treasures.  I should have taken more care on the graduated picots.


  1. Perfect gift and love satin with tatting 🍃💛🍃

  2. Clever way to slip a bit of tatting in - well done!

  3. Beautiful bookmark and cross, the bookmark is one of my favourites


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