Sunday, 8 April 2018

Travel Tip

When I travel to the US I will tell the border security personnel that I am off to a tatting conference. I always need to explain that tatting is type of fibre art and then they get a sample piece of tatting to assist in the explanation. 

They are always surprised when I let them keep the tatting.  These are Irene Woo, butterfly hearts ready for travel.

Interested in making these hearts, the pattern can be found here.

Just my way of spreading more tatting into the universe.  


  1. How wonderful! So are you at the Finger Lakes? or will you be going to a different one :)

    1. The drive to Finger Lakes from home is 35 hours before breaks. I could fly but the logistics are not great, but one day I would like to go. I am planning to make it to Shuttlebirds, only 7 hrs away.

  2. Fabulous hearts!!! And a great way to show the explanation!!! :)


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