Friday, 2 October 2015

The Danish Connection - long post

These are just some of the books and patterns I bought, won or was gifted. Which brings me to the funniest event at The Fringe Element Tat Days, the Danish Connection.  Do you recall from an earlier post that on the Thursday night before the event I was treated to dinner with the Danish ladies and one lady from the UK.  I did not have their names and they did not have mine, I was the lady from Alberta.  In any event Jane K. who picked me up from the airport had arranged to take us all out for dinner.  When I arrived at the hotel there were the three ladies all tatting away down in the lobby.  I quickly checked in and came back down to head off to dinner.  Linda (UK) (the best tatter I have ever seen) joined us.  The Danish ladies were Lis, Tina and Lene. Well I had heard of Lene Bjorn and I was sworn to secrecy not to tell anyone who she was.  By Saturday a few had it figured out, but not all.

On Saturday afternoon, the three Danish ladies and I were in Georgia Seitz class Onion Ring Brooch and Georgia was taking attendance.  
Bernice? Here I said.
Tina? Here said Tina,
Lene? Tina replied, she is here just stepped out for a second. She is here and pointed to an empty chair beside her.
Lene Bjorn? Georgia asked again, looking carefully at the class list, not quite believing her eyes, Yes Tina replied, we were all nodding yes. 
Georgia's eyes were getting larger. 
Lene Bjorn from the snowflake book?  Yes Tina replied, then Lene walked in the room.
I thought Georgia was going to fall off her chair. The look on Georgia's face was priceless. Lene went over to say hello to Georgia right away as she had always wanted to meet her.  
I did get my books signed by Lene and was lucky enough to have spent the entire weekend with the Danish Ladies.  They were representing Dansk Orkisforening. Lis is the Chairman, Lene the Treasurer and Tina the Substitute Board member. 

Below is a little mouse from Jane K. and  the Onion Ring Brooch which still needs the back cleaned up and the brooch pin attached.

A few more books revealed later.


  1. Cool !!! Lovely book/pattern collection & you got to meet the who's who of contemporary tatting !!!

  2. Lot of work in those books! Great fun to meet any tatters in person, let alone famous ones!

    1. It was an opportunity I just couldn't pass up. The Danish Ladies were such a joy to meet.

  3. Sounds like it was a lot of fun.
    You got to meet with quite a few of the 'celebrities' in the tatting world. Lucky you!
    Those books looks interesting. I can't wait to see the lace you will make from them.

    1. Claire, it was so much fun I am already planning my next tatting adventure. I just can't tat fast enough now.

    2. mi puoi scrivere? la mia mail è


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