Friday, 30 October 2015

First Cluny or Tally

I've been attending the online tatting class when I can and last week we reviewed Cluny  tatting. Known as cluny or tallies, these weaves look like little leaves and add more interest to your tatting. You can use your hand or a loom to create a cluny. I have submitted my modest trials below.

Back to the basics with two colors of thread and a larger size.  Starting at the bead (1) this first cluny was made during the class.  Asking questions as I typed with one hand as the other held the loom.  I was able to relax my hand and adjust the tension once rested, and start weaving the cluny again.  I also realized that I needed to start much closer to the previous element and to use a template (post it note) to keep all clunys the same size.

The next two were made using a small plastic loom in my hand. I could not get the loom to stay taut and the space to weave was too tight to get my shuttle through. I think it would work great for needle tatters.

Finally the last two done using my hand again.

In all cases I had no issues closing the loom.  I hope to show you more cluny tatting once I've had more practice.  I also think better threads will make much better cluny.  Do you remember what your first cluny looked like? Do you use a loom or your hand?

Helpful links:
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  1. I once watched a YouTube video about how to tat clunies, but I've never actually attempted one myself. Like the split chain, I've been too intimidated by this technique to give it a try. Maybe it's time to put my fears aside and try it out!

    1. I know its hard to try new things as we continue to practice our tatting techniques. I still recall my first throw ring and how it opened so many new doors/patterns for me and I was actually tatting with two shuttles. I use the split chain or split ring as required to climb out from one round to the next, a very very useful technique.

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  2. I have not tried counties yet, something I just keep away from, but I think I must try them, yours look very good. Look forward to seeing more.

  3. I agree with you I like keeping the tatting in the hand but I did start out and learned the concept on a clipboard. The look great!

  4. You were brave to weave the tally while attending class :-) Your progress is already visible from 1st to last tallies ! Well done.

    I, too, started with finger loom & can make Cluny leaves on hand. But the card loom, shared by Judith, opened the doors to so many more effects, shapes, widths, etc. AND, of course, it was easier to photograph every step for my tutorials -- a loom on hand is neither easy to photograph clearly , nor keep it all taut & untangled when one is "in the process" ;-P
    I liked the large cardstock loom, with plenty of space for shuttle to pass thru.

    Looking forward to more of your Cluny tatting :-)


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