Friday, 23 October 2015


Some things didn't get done, but I did accomplish quite a bit on my time away from the blog.  I've been to Tai Chi three times now and it is beginning to feel very good, all the housework I wanted to get done happened and more. We had a great Thanksgiving and the following week my sister came for a visit and the box of family history was reviewed and ready to go out the door. (They would have been returned but I forgot them at home and too far away to go back) Closet was organised a bit but still needs more work.

Oh yes tatting was done.  Here is a leaf I finished just in time to be given to my sister. It is done in Lizbeth Falling Leaves size 20, pattern is from Tatting Samples Book 3 by Karen Lindsay. 

I also found who left me the bag of vintage thread a few posts back and I was able to send a thank you card with some tatting from the grandmother's threads.  They are still cleaning her house out and brought another bag of threads.  Below is the card I gave them with a star motif and tatted angels.

This is the first cold day and I miss sitting on the back deck in the sun and tatting, but I did get something in the blog today and feel great that I did get some tasks done. 


  1. Good to get those other tasks out the way so you can tat with easy conscience! Great that you found out who left the thread and could thank them. They'll be glad to have something made with some of the thread.

  2. Yes Jane, I totally agree. tatting again today!

  3. Don't remind me about tasks and stuff, Ha ha love the tiny angles where are found?

    1. Carollyn, Pattern can be found here, or


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