Thursday, 8 October 2015

Collecting NUTS (nagging unfinished tasks)

How does this keep happening? I have so many things to do and so little time. I have more shuttles full than empty,  More shuttles attached to WIP. More patterns waiting to be done, and that is just the tatting.

I still have some archiving to complete on the family history and a large box of photographs to be returned.  I have scanned and identified members and have been able to solve many mysteries.

In my closet I need to replace the short sleeved shirts with the longer ones and put away the short pants and pull out my sweaters.

I have housework to be done in the downstairs bathroom (I rarely go there, it's the boys room), along with dusting and general clean up of the spare room.

I want to join the Tai Chi class at the community and have yet to make the call.

This is Thanksgiving weekend in Canada so there will be guests and dinner for six at least on Sunday to be planned and prepared.

Looking at my list I may need to set the tatting aside for a bit so some other things can get done around the house.

See you all in a few weeks once my NUTS are completed.


  1. Go Nuts over NUTS ! I won't b e envying you, though ;-)
    But I, too, will have to start some deep cleaning at home in a couple of weeks' time. Dreading the thought of all those hours spent without a shuttle in hand ;-P
    Have a great Thanksgiving :-)

  2. No, no, NO. Tatting comes first and the rest can wait forever! Have a great Thanksgiving though and do what I do - ignore the dreaded housework!

  3. About the same here, even with a family reunion! But who can't find 5 minutes for tatting... Ahem, 15?

  4. I like the term nuts, it's that n for nagging that does it!


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