Monday 24 August 2015

First Lanyard

It always feels so good to finish a project and this lanyard is done.  It's not perfect but that leaves room for improvement.  I used Hakelgarn 20 in a navy or dark blue. The pattern was from Jane Eborall.

Although I do like the pearls I found them difficult to work with. 
The length of the beads are 34 inches and does stretch a bit.  I did have some issues keeping the threads straight, it was tricky using the larger clovers but a good learning experience. 
I had recently broken a lanyard so I had extra attachments to put on the ring.  I may make another one. Any suggestions?


  1. It is looking lovely !
    If you are using these pearls for the 2nd lanyard, maybe this time you could try thicker thread to keep it from stretching ? Or smaller pearls with size 20.
    Despite the working difficulties, the final result is very appealing :-)

  2. I blocked it after this photo and it does look better. Yes, I think a thicker thread and using bicone beads would be better. Also putting beads on the side picots as Jane did would have been nicer. I do plan on making another now to check out my stash of beads to see what I have.


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