Friday, 14 August 2015

New Tatting Teachers

I love that Canada is so big but I hate that Canada is so big.  I have been tatting seriously for 30 months and have only met one other person in Canada who tats.  Oh yes I do have "virtual" tatting friends/buddies but having another tatter watch you tat is priceless, especially when you are learning.  They see the shuttle move and can offer such good advice. A wasted movement here, a twist of the wrist there, more thread, less thread and together you share some new techniques and show off a few pieces too.
 Now if it wasn't for my virtual tatting friends, I would still be at a novice level as they provide plenty of advice, encouragement and sharing.  I thank them all but a book can always be by your side day or night so I compliment my learning from books and have recently added to my growing library.

We are travelling this weekend so I don't think I can pull out the tatting and I am working on some projects that don't travel well so my tatting teachers will be coming to keep me company if a quiet moment appears.


  1. I HEAR YOU! Loud and clear. : )

    You can understand how over-the-moon I was to meet Gina, the Tatting Goddess at an event in Cambridge Ontario and to go out with her for the evening! It was so wonderful to have a one-to-one visit with a real live tatter! She was the first tatter I met in person.

    Then Pamela, (Tatskool) an online tatting friend, set up a meeting between me and another Tatter, visiting from abroad. We have become real-life friends, but, alas she lives continents away and I have only seen her once since!

    Then, a few years later I met Frivole in Toronto, as she was visiting Ontario. We only had an hour or so in a coffeeshop at Union Station, as she had to take the train into Toronto, but what fun.

    That’s my meagre, but cherished tatting-buddy history. Pretty slim! : ))

    1. Lucky you to meet such experienced tatting ladies. It's nice to find others who can appreciate the passion. Perhaps Fox, some day we too shall meet as I do get out now and then.

  2. Treasured books - true teachers :-) Looking forward to the beautiful MK patterns worked by you.

    I'm on a tatting book buying spree as well --recently saw my favourite bookshop of 15 years back (in another city) is now stocking & selling tatting books online ! And I can buy COD in Indian currency. Expecting a delivery today, in fact :-)
    Can you believe that I haven't seen a tatting book in any of my city bookstores for the last 20+ years!

    I haven't met any tatter in person since I learned from my friend 30 years back. My MIL did a bit, but only single shuttle & she had stopped before my marriage. I do have her Tatted gifts, though :-) It was her objective to make edgings for saree & handkerchief sets for all the women in her immediate family and she stopped as soon as it was achieved.
    Sorry for rambling on ....

    1. No need to apology required. I love your rambling. I wouldn't say I am on a spree but the tatting bug has bitten.

  3. Hooray for books and the internet, but yes, tatting with others 'in the flesh' is the best!

  4. Nice finds. Can't wait to see what you will make next from those books.
    Big hugs from the West coast of Canada my friend. :-)


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