Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Hearts Desire

Susan Fuller Hearts Desire
Needle Tatted
No time to tat (sad face) so I thought I'd share one of the first pieces I did.  I needle tatted this long before I could correctly read a pattern or know how to reverse work. But Diane loved it and took it on her trip to Europe.  The pattern by Susan Fuller can be found here.

I love the Spring colors, I have lots of this thread and you will see many pieces that I have done with it. It is J&P Coats 6 cord Merc Cotton 20 shade 1228. Below the same pattern but Shuttle tatted this time.  I was still having issues reversing work but it is getting better. 

First Shuttle tatted piece July 2013 Pattern: Heart's Desire by Susan K FullerJ&P Coats 6 cord Merc Cotton 20 shade 1228

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