Sunday, 23 March 2014

Magic Moments

I was gifted this thread with an order from HH about 4 shuttles full on a little spool. It is Lizbeth Size 20 and I am guessing the color is sherbet delight but I could be wrong.  I adore the designer Jon Yosoff and the link to the pattern is on her site here. It is a two shuttle pattern and good practice for an intermediate tatter. I hope you love the spring colors as much as I do. 
I started to drop the shuttle through my rings on this project to see how it would work and I had a little twist at the end, it has been suggested to add a 2nd half ds at the end of the ring to see if it balances the ring a bit better. Oh and don't forget to hold the ring in the pinch as you close and make sure you dangle your shuttles to reduce thread twist.

I have finished my taxes and just one more hurdle at the office before I can devote more time to my tatting.


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