Tuesday 13 April 2021

New Earrings - Covid Style

Like many other tatters I was scheduled for a jab and thought I would tat some "Covid Earrings" designed by Jane Eborall,  well I started those but didn't like how they were turning out so I cut them off the shuttles.  

Now with the Red and Black size 80 thread  still on my shuttles I thought perhaps I would add a black button to the center as Jane did in her Brooch version.  After a few minutes to hunt for a button I found some small plastic rings and came up with these.

The idea is a mashup between Jane's idea along with Jon Yusoff tatting on rings technique. 

The chain beads are added by putting 4 beads on a long picot and then passing the loop back through the bottom bead.  Put your shuttle through this loop.  Then pull the thread on the loop that puts the beads into the correct position next to the last chain stitches.  Now pull the loop closed using the second shuttle.  Be sure not to pull the core thread into the beads, you may need to hold the loop as you close it to prevent twisting.

Not really an original idea but fun to make anyways and I love that the color matches my new jacket.  Now that I have done them once  I can see where there could be some improvements. They were fun to wear.

Download the free pattern here.


  1. Oh wow, those are very nifty. I hope that’ll be as close as you get to covid.


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