Thursday, 1 April 2021

International Tatting Day

Happy International Tatting Day!!

Today is International Tatting Day and tatters tat in public and eat chocolate.  I do plan to tat outside and if you happen by you will see me.  

I cropped the picture but there was a banana chocolate muffin sitting here which has since been devoured.  Yum. 

This "egg" is an adaptation of a collar pattern from the Pricilla Book No. 1 and is the oval shaped sections that make up the front portion of the collar.  I deliberately did it in the white and yolk colors. The white was done in one round, starting at the large clover and using split rings to climb to the outer chains and rings.   

I used a  thread about a size 30, no labels as this a found wound ball from another unfinished project.  Vintage thread, vintage pattern, vintage shuttle :) 



  1. Happy International Tatting Day! I love what you did with to make the egg! I've got to look it up!

  2. The pattern was given as a review for the online tatting class, I didn't know that the instructor Tami would also make the center yellow albeit slightly different than what I did. If you have the red book you can find it in there.

  3. Happy international tatting day to you too. Love your update of a vintage pattern.

  4. Happy International tatting day sorry its a bit late,
    Beautiful tatted egg


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