Friday, 9 April 2021

Another Egg

There was an egg still on the shuttles when Easter arrived.  I've completed it by attaching the ends with metallic thread.  

The plastic eggs are quite slippery I used tape to keep the tatting on as I strung the metallic thread then tweezers to remove it from the egg.  To make it look better  do front/backside tatting. Plus don't forget to give the whole thing a spray of water to block the tatting round the egg. 

I have mentioned to others that I don't glue these eggs together and add a note or saying inside before. completing. Who knows when someone will drop / squeeze or open the egg to see the messages.  Don't forget to add who tatted it and the date too. 

I still have a few more to complete before my basket is done. 


  1. So pretty. I hope it’ll be a while before someone finds the note, since that’ll mean the egg is broken. Good idea though.

  2. Looks like an egg for royalty. Gorgeous.

  3. Beautiful egg, the middle looks like crowns


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