Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Size Matters

Yes, size matters when it comes to picots.  These are small, medium and large picots all done with the same stitch count, creating three different looks.   This is the Star in 2 Colors with Pearls by Inga Madsen from the book "Christmas Decorations in Tatting". Below you can see what they look like on the other side.  I also did one without beads.

These are all done using vintage thread size 70. The white was a Lily the red a Coats and Clark thread with price tags 15 and 10 cents respectively.  



  1. I like the smaller picots with beads. Love the colorway.

  2. Really interesting comparison. The long picots give a very airy appearance. They’re all pretty though.

  3. Interesting comparison of picot sizes.


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