Sunday, 15 November 2020

More Earsavers and Mask Chains/Lanyards

I had given away all my other ear savers so I made more. I added the buttons at the first join from each end and then added beads to make them pretty. These are done in a size 10 Lysbet super cotton thread. If you are interested in making some for yourself, family and friends just try this Pattern from Vicki.

If  you made these longer, add a clip to each end and attach the clip to your mask ear elastics you could remove your mask and it would hang on your chest.  Then you could easily remove it and put it back on without touching the mask, just the  elastics.  It would be similar to my eyeglass lanyard so I never lose my glasses. Actually any lonely necklace would work if you could add a clip or safety pin to each end.

I have also seen bits of tatting added to the side of a mask like a charm.  They can either be attached or left to swing like earrings. 

No matter what your do with mask embellishment tatting be sure to wash between uses.  

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  1. It is useful to be able to let a mask hang around your neck when not needed.


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