Thursday, 12 November 2020

New Nametag

I had been using a piece of paper with my name on it at our local guild meetings when this heart shaped aida became available on the garage sale table.  I purchased it and then taught myself cross stitch to complete a new nametag.  Those other bits are supposed to be shuttles and a flower. I plan to use the blank upper right area ,with an appropriate pin, to attach the nametag on.

It needed a little tatting. This edging is called Hen and Chicks and is a vintage one shuttle pattern.  Had I used a picot gauge the bare thread between rings would have been more consistent and neater.  I stitched the tatting on the nametag going through the picots.  You can view how to do Hens and Chicks by Frivole on her You tube channel.

I used a Wonderfil thread Spagetti a 12 wt Egyptian cotton which is double gassed making it a great thread for tatting if you like to use small threads.



  1. It's gorgeous!

  2. Well done, much more elegant than a paper name tag!

  3. A lovely way to introduce yourself! Hen and chicks is a favorite of mine.

  4. Well done on learning a new skill, your cross stitch looks good, looks much nicer than a paper tag.


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