Monday, 21 October 2019

Onion Ring Magic Square

Just a little practice piece.  The design is by Robin Perfetti and a free pattern on her  blog, Tatting by the Bay.  She recently added an edging to the pattern.

This is good practice for the Catherine Wheel Join.  Don't look too closely as this was also an attempt to do frontside backside tatting.  


  1. Looks good from here and love the colors too­čĺÉ

  2. I think it is wonderfully tatted and now tempted to try the pattern myself, well actually that is what happens on blogs isn't it?!!! We all look at other peoples work and think to ourselves oh wonder if mine will look so good! Agree the colours are lovely

  3. Interesting! While this is a square mat, it is not exactly a 'magic' one. The magic begins when the design is applied 2x2 or 4x4.

  4. You are correct Judith, I will add to it once I get some of the other neglected tatting out of the way.


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