Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Blue Bells

These little blue bells are done using a lovely 12wt Wonderfil thread.  I really should have bought less than the 400 m spool.   I guess you will just be seeing more of these earrings.  The pattern is Joyful Bell by Marilee Rockley and available free on her blog.

I used a little trick to end these by using a single shuttle split ring (SSSR).  When you wrap the thread just wrap twice being careful not to cross the threads. This gives more stability to the last ring.

I tie a knot before starting the SSSR and hide one thread in the first half of the ring.  The second half is padded from the SSSR thus the ring looks equal and no ends to hide.

 I have already gifted a pair to my niece but I see the earring bends when worn so I may need to stiffen them a bit.  Remember to wipe off the beads before the stiffening dries to keep the beads shiny.


  1. They are pretty. Good idea to tie a knot before that last ring. I’ve hidden ends like that and the earring fall apart, but your way you’re just hiding the ends, not securing them.

    1. Yes, Jane just hiding ends. This method is especially handy when working with metallic or threads that quickly fray.

  2. I just reread the post and when I talked about wrapping it was when putting the loop of the SSSR under the ring. I wrap it round the closed ring twice before I pull the extra loop thread through.

  3. Thanks for the reminder I can't remember if I have tryed this or not so made I should use this method. Also the earrings are lovely­čĺÉ


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