Thursday, 24 October 2019

Honeycomb Charm Kit

Wish you were at Palmetto Tat Days?

Inside my goodie bag at Palmetto was this package with  thread and a hexagon shaped piece of wood; called a Honeycomb Charm kit 2019.  The gift was donated by Viki Clarke and the pattern available on her blog here.  She also has other free patterns too.

I tatted up the charm and was a bit nervous as I neared the end and wondered if the honeycomb would fit inside the tatting.   Yes it did.  I used the leftover thread for the fringe. 


  1. I really must make mine too. It keeps looking at me!!!

  2. Thank you for posting your success! I've been hesitant to try. Now I'll have a go!

  3. Well, ditto. I have it bey me. May as well work it. Yours looks nice. It will give me a break from something I am knitting.


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