Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Fringe Classes

Well well, this could be a first, I finished all my class projects from Fringe.  Below are the the projects,

Simple Shell taught and designed  by Lauren Snyder.

Second up is a Tatted Coin Enclosure, design by B. Dillon, taught by Lauren Snyder.

Now some practice with cluny tatting.  Design and class taught my Mimi Dillman. 

Finally I did this heart using Treble Tatting, design and taught by Kaye B. Judt.

Thanks to the Fringe Element Tatters for another great workshop in 2019.


  1. Well done to you! Some tricky work there. I like the look of the shell. Awesome clunies.

  2. Yes agree with Jane some challenging techniques there. The shell is unusual too. It must feel really good to have finished them all.

  3. I wish I could have made it to the Fringe. One of these days. Looks like you are having fun all over the place this year! I agree with Jane. Great clunies.

  4. You've certainly acquired an impressive range of skills! Love the shell!

  5. Nice. The only things I finished was one earring in Kelly's class and the snail I made with Lauren during Saturday night's Tat and Chat

  6. Good girl...looks like challenging classes.

  7. Looks like you took some fabulous classes and ended up with some very pretty projects!!! :)


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