Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Vapor Stitch

One of the classes I took in Spokane was called "All Geared Up". Natalie Rogers taught how to do the Vapor Stitch. Natalie found the instructions for this stitch on Ninetta Caruso blog and created a pattern for this steampunk inspiration.  This stitch can be used to create a corner in tatting which is actually a little curled stitch.

Natalie says she creates a vapor stitch then does a lock join then another vapor stitch to get the stitch to look like it wraps around a corner.  I need to try that next.

This thread is Lizbeth 20 Scottsh Thistle 175 a gift from another tatter.


  1. Oh I must've missed that. Very pretty motif.

  2. This is a great use of the little curl stitch love how tatting can take on a different look :)

  3. So great to see this finished! It looks lovely!


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