Friday, 22 April 2016

Zebrano Pop A Bobbin

Courtesy of the Royal Mail or Royal Fail as one tatter calls it, I am now the proud owner of a Zebrano  Pop-A-Bobbin. I love the unique striped color of the wood and look forward to using it. The shuttle will take  my Aero and Aerlit bobbins so the bobbin winder will be getting a workout.

A big thank you to Jane and Sally and of course "I'm in the Garage".

I learned to tat on Susan Bates white (clover lookalike) post shuttles and have always had a soft spot for these which I now have collected a few new and used.  I have metal shuttles, clovers, tatsy, starlit and moonlit, pony  and two other wooden shuttles.  Without planning I now have a small shuttle collection.  Do you collect shuttles and do you have a favorite? 


  1. Glad it arrived safely. I'm an accidental collector. Daredn't do it properly or I'd spend all my pocket money! I think my attitude is wrong - I always think of them as work tools!

  2. I still can't get over seeing a shuttle that originated from my home pictured somewhere else in the world. The wood is certainly lovely showing the Zebra strips. I sort of collect shuttles, a bit like Jane accidental but of course there are always quite a few in the garage.

  3. I don't collect deliberately - I think of my shuttles as tools for tatting. I seem to have ended up with a collection anyway. I try to use all of them, but the ones made of more fragile materials are used VERY carefully and less often than the sturdy 'workhorse' shuttles.

  4. I do and use most of them and some I "retire" to a display case, It makes me happy and now you could say I am very happy! Congratulations or you latest and the cool wood and smooth look love it!


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