Friday, 29 April 2016

Taming the Monster

It is a  very dangerous time just after I finish a project.  I start searching for a new piece to tat and
browse Pinterest and Tatting Blogs to look for ideas and inspiration.  I admit, sometimes I start more than one before finishing any. So now would be a good time to start taming the monster, monster doily that is. I've had the doily sitting idle for long enough and pulled it out of its cloth to try to tackle another row.  

Now for a confession, I had found that a few of the half medallions are attached backwards. I had stopped doing frontside backside on this piece some rows back so it really does not make a difference to the overall design, but another tatter/crafter may notice.  I have been wondering if I should redo them or not and have decided not to. (I actually could have redone them by now).  

I began this doily/tablecloth for myself and I do want to start using it before we buy a square dining table.  My mother did this and then had all these circular tablecloths that she didn't use.

That is all for now. I'll post updates as I get this done and on to my dining room table.

Progress Update: Row 12 started. Using Aida 10 Ecru 


  1. How long has it been? Or rather when did you start the monster, cause it took me over a year. I did find that people were interested in watching me plug through it, and I like to watch others for some weird reason :) so keep posting it is beautiful and will be large too!

  2. Carollyn, I started this in June of 2014, I had barely been tatting a year. So to take me a few years seems reasonable, I will continue.

  3. If it was me, I'd not redo, but then I don't do fs/bs tatting. But sometimes, the thought of redoing is paralysing, as I found with my cardigan bands.

  4. I can understand that in size 10 fs/bs could be noticed, but if I were you I would go on without redoing, it will be big and you'll look at the whole tablecloth and see only its beauty.

  5. I'm so glad you didn't redo! No one will notice!!! (I would have put that last sentence in all caps, but I didn't want to scare everyone! LOL!)

    I'm not sure if I've commented before, but you do an impressive amount of tatting! I am so in awe that you're doing this piece! I know I wouldn't have the patience, so I'm just admiring these from 'afar' via the blogs.

    And for not having met any tatters for years, you certainly hit the jackpot at the Canadian event! So many superstars there! I'm quite envious! However, we have several talented tatters in our area, and we demonstrate at events, so at least I've been able to 'tat and chat' a lot in the past 25 years! However, I can't work on anything important when doing so, as I always make mistakes! I'm too busy talking!

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I do try to tat everyday or at the very least catch up on my blog and read others as I learn so much. I have found that attending conferences has provided a wealth of information you just can't get anywhere else. I use a postit to mark my spot in a pattern so the chatting can carry on.

  6. Can't wait to see the finished piece!! :)


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