Monday, 15 February 2016

Mixed Media

In honor of Valentines Day, I give you some hearts. There are four different tatted hearts and four identical crochet hearts.

I have made these small crochet pineapple heart sachets for many years and given to my girlfriends on Valentine's Day. They are a modified pattern from an old White Crochet magazine.  I create two pineapple motifs and lace together with ribbon. A small soap can be inserted or a bag of lavender. You could also fill with fiber filling and create a pincushion.  They make up quickly and I now add some tatting to the top to make them my own.

The tatted hearts are as follows:
Starting at 12:00 o'clock is the Sweet Heart Valentine by Maria Lenuta "MaryLena" Pop.  This is a pattern provided by the online tatting class. I created this with one shuttle only. It is similar to ankars tatting.
At 3:00 o'clock is  heart by Agnieszka Dreker and a link to the pattern is here. 
At 6:00 o'clock is a pattern by Eileen Stafford, I made this in Hakelgarn 20 and the pattern is available here.
At 9:00 o'clock is a tatted heart made from a corner vintage pattern,  I spoke about on the blog here.


  1. The combination of tatting and crochet is very effective. Lovely gifts!

  2. Great combination of crochet and tatting

  3. Superb symbiosis of crafts, as well between beauty & functionality. The recipients must surely love & treasure these :-)

  4. What lovely gifts they make! Love how the crochet makes the tatting 'pop'.

  5. A lovely gathering of hearts. I would think whomever receives these beautiful gifts will be very happy.

  6. Red and white hearts always a classic combination for Valentines Day. Love the Look!


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