Saturday, 20 February 2016

Making Friends - Tatting Friends

While cleaning up and getting rid of extra stuff this week, I ran across this small sampler I must have created in the 60 or 70's.  Then by mere serendipity I received a call from a tatter for a tat and chat.  We had been trying to connect for a few months now and it finally happened today.

What fun we had.  I brought a few books, lots of little bits of tatting, and a collection of shuttles.   She brought lovely Italian tatting books she has had for many years, some to die for thread you cannot get on this side of the ocean and a book of samples she had created.

Her work contains lots of beading and she has been tatting for a dozen or more years. She tries all kinds of threads, and showed me a little angel she made with some synthetic thread. She has created bits of tatting which her family and friends wear on their sari. 

We reviewed some tatting techniques. I showed her how I open a ring.  We discussed what kinds of shuttles we liked and so much more.

We plan to do this on a more regular basis. So I have met another tatter, the first tatter who lives in my own city. Perhaps I need to add a little shuttle to this sampler.


  1. How wonderful! Lucky you to meet up with another tatter.

  2. What a wonderful story ! And there's an Indian in the mix, too (you mentioned sari) :-D

  3. Fun times! Lovely recounting.

  4. I love the saying on the sampler and what a fun rare occasion to find a friend to tat with and talk and show stuff too, this must be fun and happy times :)

  5. Thank you ladies, I have connected with tatters from around the world online and in person, they have taught me so much about techniques, persistence and practice in my tatting. Such a treat to meet another tatter in person, to touch their tatting and shuttles. It is truly a unique experience.


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