Thursday, 21 January 2016

Winter blues

I've got the Winter Blues so I used up some gifted thread and tatted up these two flakes.  The top is Sharon Briggs 2015 Snowflake and she shares her pattern with us  and it is linked here.  It is an easy pattern and can be done in one round using a split ring and split chain.  I tried using a SCMR for the center ring but don't like how it turned out. 

The lower flake is Loop de Loop by Teri Dusenbury.  It is tatted in one round using split rings. The pattern is also available on her website and she provides clear instructions.  I did find that Teri has her own way of notation but once you build a key it works well. This is my first pattern by Teri Dusenbury. If you would like to try the pattern here is a link. 

Both flakes measure 2.75 inches across. The same thread for both flakes was gifted and wound in a ball like you would if you undid some crochet. My guess is that it is a vintage Coats Thread size 30.  The cream color does appear dirty (but it is not), otherwise a nice thread to tat with. 

Now I don't have the blues too bad, just can't seem to pick up my big doily and get it done.  Need me some inspiration.  


  1. Those are really pretty! Good diversion from the doily.

  2. Thanks Jane, that's my problem, I can easily find a diversion.

  3. Both are lovely :-) And both are on my to-tat list .
    Glad your blues have vanished

  4. Know the feeling about getting inspiration for finishing doily, this really helps out lots thanks for sharing the pattern!

  5. Very beautiful snowflakes!!! :)

  6. Thanks! Downloaded Sharon’s for a diversion... ; )

  7. Two lovely snowflakes, gorgeous colours,
    Thanks for the links


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