Monday, 4 January 2016

Heart Doily

Finally, I have completed this doily.  I used Hakelgarn size 20.  Odd but the yellow thread was not as smooth as the blue or rust.  The completed size is 15.5 inches or 37 cm.  That is one of the larger clover shuttles in the picture. The pattern can be found at Land of Laces website.

The banner of 20 hearts is made and then attached to the previous row.  I left long tails on the banner row  and then finished up the joining the hearts. Once all the hearts had been attached I finished the banner row.  I did this to ensure I did not get any twists in the banner.

This started off as a use up the left over thread in the shuttle  and that is why the center is blue.  I think I could remove this and retat the center in the rust or yellow but I am happy to have this completed.


  1. It is beautiful and finishing any doily is a big deal, are the hearts made separately?

    1. Thanks Carollyn, You make the hearts in one long banner and then attach them by doing another row between heart and doily.

  2. Your Heart Doily looks very nice.

  3. That's really pretty. I like the negative spaces as well as the tatting itself.

  4. Very nice! I like the blue... : )


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