Sunday, 8 June 2014

Spring Napkin / Doily Row 11

Finally it feels like I can see the end of this project. Sorry for the poor photograph but I leave that expertise to others. This is getting quite large and I am learning a lot from it especially how to open a ring, how not to tat when you are tired and my new friend the weavers knot.  I ran into a snag when the previous row came undone. Fortunately I hadn't cut the ends yet and there was just enough to add a bit of thread and fix it.  Oh that's another thing I have been getting good at, adding a new thread. 


  1. Looking good! Yes, on a project this big you're bound to have to join in new threads. I use a weaver's knot too, don't trust the 'no knot' method.

  2. Isn't it great fun to tat something so wonderful and learn at the same time? I like your choice of colors!!


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