Monday 16 June 2014

Hand Dyed Thread

 I have been careful when purchasing my tatting supplies to do a little research to get good quality at a great price and so far have been quite satisfied with my shuttles and threads.

Today I received my first batch of Hand Dyed Thread (HDT).  I purchased a bit of Parakeet, Stardate and Corsage from Yarnplayer.  I have been admiring from afar and now have some to tat.  Any advice to move it from the hank to my shuttles?


  1. Wind each one onto an Eazybob first and label them with the name and size. Works for me.

    1. Thanks Jane, a while back I was in my local bead shop and bought three EZ Bobs thinking they would hold some thread nicely for a traveling project. and the HDT came with nice little labels. Now that my stash is growing I need to make or buy some labels.

  2. Oh I bought the parakeet one too, and have got the plans and picture taken as well! this thread looks so beautiful, makes me want to tat :)

  3. Thanks Carollyn, It is a good thing they came with a see thu sleeve cause I am finding it hard to take my hands off them. My mind spins with all the ideas I have for these, but one step at a time.

  4. Yes, EZ bobs are great. Failing that, wind onto an old core from the middle of a ball of thread, or even a piece of cardboard. Don't try to leave it as a hank, that's all. Muddles will ensue!

  5. I untwist the hank and lay the "circle" of thread on my table. I put a heavy water glass inside each end of the circle and they keep the thread from tangeling while I wind it onto an EasyBob. Yarnplayer's labels are on a little thread that I slip around the wound EasyBob to easily label the wound thread. You have some wonderul colors. Karen in OR

  6. Karen, that is almost what I did. I put a pencil through the EZ bob to help with the winding.


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