Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Dealing with a Hank

Of course I chose Corsage as the first color to try but I needed to get it from the hank to the shuttle.  Jane E suggested first winding it to an EZ-Bob bobbin.  These bobbins have one hard flat plastic side and a pliable cone shape on the other.  Depending on how full you fill them the cone will fold back over the thread and hold the thread so you can untwist the thread as you go. Just like we hang our shuttles before making a ring.

In the past mostly with yarn or crochet cotton hanks, I have used the top of a chair that has two pinnacles (H) or a volunteer.  With neither of these nearby I grabbed two large glasses and had them hold the hank while I walked around with the EZ-Bob. There happen to be a pencil nearby so I stuck that through my EZ-Bob to assist in the winding.

I attached the label that came with my HDT and ready to go.

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  1. This is about how I do it, but now I'll get the pencil involved. Karen in OR


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