Sunday, 29 June 2014

Buyer Beware

This past week I had to make a quick trip to Victoria BC to attend a funeral. Saturday afternoon was free and I found myself at a "Vintage Fair".  Arriving just before closing I found one plastic shuttle for $8.00 which I did not buy and then came across these two below.
They were listed as a pair of French Ivory Sewing Pieces for $20.00.  The top one is bone or antler with a great weight. The lower one appears to be Bakelite, much lighter than the bone. Lucky for me all the tips are still touching and I only paid $10.00 for both. Neither are Ivory as advertised, well perhaps ivory colored. French, I doubt that too.


  1. The bone one has great shape and you are so lucky, it is thrilling to find real shuttles from long ago! and so glad they made it this far, to the right hands of someone who will keep them safe! Congratulations! :) but I do wish I got there before you ha ha!

    1. Each Shuttle had a bit of thread and I tried them out. Both are a nice size, the bone rounded and thin with a nice weight. Most importantly the tips touch and make that click that I love to hear. I think it is important to unwind the shuttles when not in use and never over wind them.


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