Wednesday, 14 September 2022

Tollway Tatting Group

This is the result of my attempts of tie-dye some cotton shirts.  I used the teeny tiny kit from Dharma Trading Co. and also purchased the shirts from them.  

The kit contains everything you need except an apron to protect your clothes. Leftover dye can be kept for a few months too.  The shirts have gone through a few washings and still look great with no fading.  

I have been fortunate to enjoy the company of the Tollway Tatting Group over the past few years.  Zoom has allowed us to meet.  They always wear Tie-dye shirts so this was my prompt to create mine to wear during the monthly meetings.  You can find the group on Facebook. 


  1. Wow, good job on the shirts, they're fabulous! Great idea for the group to be dressed in 'matching' shirts.

  2. I’ve got a Tollway tatters shirt that Sue Anna gave me years ago. It’s still as bright as ever and I wear it LOTS. Love it and it brings a smile to people’s faces too because it’s so cheerful.

    1. Sue Anna was my mentor on this project. I have met her online too.

    2. I spent a wonderful day with her many years ago when I was staying in Cincinnati. She’s got a heart of gold.

  3. Those are totally awesome!!! :)


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