Thursday 5 August 2021

Pioneer Acres

This weekend August 6, 7 and 8th I will be at Pioneer Acres near Irricana, Alberta.  The Wildrose Lacemakers have been demonstrating lacemaking for many years at the annual show.  I will be going again this year showing off my tatting and giving free lessons.  
I have been meeting other tatters via zoom but this will be one the first meeting with the public this year.  

I entered two pieces into the Calgary Stampede but this year they did not have any judged entries.  I also have a piece at the Seaton Public Library which will be on display for another month or so. 

If you want to learn more about Pioneer Acres, take a visit to the Facebook page or the website.

I put together a display of some of my earrings by mounting them on some clear plastic and then putting that into a frame.  I am not selling earrings. These are the ones I wear. 


  1. Beautiful earrings. Have fun. Hope the smoke isn't bad, up your way.

    1. The smoke arrived about 3 weeks ago and some days were quite bad but on Sunday a big wind blew it all away and now we have a yellow sun again. I wasn't good for a visit to the mountains as you couldn't see the tops.

  2. Lovely examples of tatting. I hope your demonstrations go well!


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