Monday 9 August 2021

And its a wrap

This is a picture of Batty Tatter and I at Pioneer World. She dropped in for a visit while I was doing tatting demos and even stayed to get a lesson on the CWJ. Oh she knows how to do it, I just showed her how I do it and she thinks it may be easier then what she was doing. 

I had so much fun this past weekend, I met a needle tatter and another lady who said she had learned to tat some time ago.  I also met two lovely girls, cousins Emily and Silver.  They both were able to do about 4 or 5 double stitches and left with practice shuttles and thread.  Later in the day they came back and gave me a lovely bracelet they had purchased in the market.

These two pieces below were completed on Saturday and Sunday, of course I did another butterfly heart on Friday too. 

See you all next year at Pioneer Acres.



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