Wednesday, 16 September 2020

I've been knitting

My sister in law mentioned the other day that she wanted some dishcloths. Apparently her daughter in law loves them. I knew I had  cotton yarn waiting to be used and began to knit and knit and knit.  This is an easy pattern and after some trial and error used this technique to create smooth edges,

I started with 4 stitches, then for each increasing row: purl into the front of the stitch, knit one, yarn over, knit to last stitch, slip knitwise.

For each decreasing row, purl into the front of the stitch k2tog, yarn over, k2tog, knit to last stitch, slip knitwise. 

I have heard this called Grandmother's Favorite Dishcloth but for me it is my go to pattern for dishcloths.  I still have quite a stash of cotton thread to use up.

I will get back to tatting soon.


  1. They're lovely! The instructions you've given are very clear. Who knows, maybe I'll even get brave enough to try this pattern!

  2. That’s a serious pile of dishcloths! Good way to destash.

  3. I’m steering clear of knitting more dishcloths as they do have a certain ‘addiction’!!! Gloves are my ‘thing’ at the moment!!!

  4. These would be a pleasure to clean up with.


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