Saturday, 19 September 2020

More Crochet

My neighbor mentioned that she had recently had an oak table refinished and was looking for a tablecloth.  I searched my cupboard and gifted her his one.  I told her my husband didn't like the color so I rarely used it and it would need a quick iron. 

She tried it on the table and was pleased with the fit. She was very grateful and even more so when I told her I made it.  Had to have been 30 years ago but spent more time stored than used.  At the time, I subscribed to a crochet magazine and would make the regular doilies in size 10 cotton thread so they would fit a round table I once had. 

To give you and idea of the size, in the picture the table is 48 inches or 122 cm in diameter, the cloth is not ironed. 



  1. Wow. How wonderful that it has a new home and will be on display. A shame after all that work for it to be hidden away.

  2. what a treasure! i used to crochet doilies also, that was way back in the early-mid 70's.

  3. It's beautiful! I'm sure your neighbor will treasure it. Glad it will now be out in the open - to be admired by everyone.

  4. This is lovely, and nice to see it out you did an excellent job, I love table clothes 😁


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